Why & How

BLUEfasma integrates and implements Circular Economy (CE) principles in the key blue growth sector of fishing/aquaculture; to benefit Mediterranean insular, island and coastal areas in a novel, innovative way. The project team tackles the transnational challenge of continual depletion of natural resources that causes serious environmental, economic and social impacts. Its overall objective is to empower the innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters/networks, Public Authorities to boost blue CE growth in insular, island and coastal areas.




Why the Mediterranean needs BLUEfasma?


  •    It changes the way businesses perform towards blue CE
  •    It will have long term effects in smart/sustainable growth
  •    It preserves environment
  •    It improves quality of life
  •   In Mediterranean insular/coastal areas fishing/aquaculture is a key blue growth economy sector highly affecting areas gross added value and employing a large percentage of                 Mediterranean population
  •   Effective systematic work towards blue CE in the sector has been mainly in Northern Europe, while only individual Mediterranean activities are noted