External videos

Interreg Maritime Roadshow - South-Eastern Europe

Organizations and people in the South-Eastern Europe have cooperated across borders to tackle a variety of maritime challenges.

Since 2014, over 330 million euros of EU-funding has been invested through Interreg in maritime cooperation.The new generation of Interreg programmes will continue to offer opportunities on maritime issues. The Interreg Maritime Roadshow shows how manyfold Interreg maritime cooperation can be, highlighting common challenges and opportunities and the importance of cross-border cooperation. The South-Eastern European video features the results of BLUEfasma and two more maritime cooperation projects, I-STORMS and RedMar Litter.

Achieving a Blue Economy for the Mediterranean Region

On the 2nd of February, the 42 Member Countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) adopted the 2nd UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy, renewing their political mandate to cooperate closely and address joint challenges. In the video produced and played on the occasion of the UfM Ministerial Conference, several Interreg Med programmes are mentioned including BLUEfasma and its "Circular Economy Ladder"  


European Maritime Day in Greece - the Blue Growth Community experience

The documentary "European Maritime Day in Greece - the Blue Growth Community experience" focuses on Greek organizations participating in Interreg MED projects in the blue growth sector. Its aim is to raise awareness on maritime challenges and opportunities offered through implementing projects. Different tools and methodologies developed in the field of blue economy are demonstrated highlighting the importance of interregional cooperation in the Mediterranean region!

The University of Patras, Lead Partner and the Region of Crete, partner of BLUEfasma take part in this video to explain the benefits of circular economy in the fields of fishing and aquaculture and what BLUEfasma does to help towards this direction.