What we do

BLUEfasma approach aims to change the current thinking of the sector on circularity by

  •   Replicating effective CE work
  •   Testing the upgraded circularity self-assessment tool in 11 participating Mediterranean territories
  •   Organising BLUEfasma Living Labs (BLLs) and targeted transferring activities
  •   Shifting policy towards CE
  •   Systematizing funding opportunities for blue CE innovation business investment

Key Outputs

#1 Consolidated knowledge base:

Hosted in BLUEfasma online platform (bluefasma.upatras.gr);

systematizing best practices, tools, solutions and methods in fishing/aquaculture


#2 Circular Economy readiness index:

Demonstrated in BLUEfasma online platform;

used as a unified MED measure of SMEs readiness & willingness to invest in CE and act as a decision support tool.

The index will have high transferability to any coastal/insular area.


#3 BLUEfasma e-network:

Will be established to facilitate experience exchange and networking among all actors of fishing/aquaculture sector


#4 BLUEfasma Livings Labs (BLLs):

To integrate R&I and create user-centered open innovation ecosystems focused on circularity increase in fishing/aquaculture


#5 BLUEfasma Capacity Building Instrument:

To integrate financing/mentoring/coaching opportunities for R&I business investment in fishing/aquaculture


#6 Systematized policy inputs by Thematic Working Group:

To shift policies towards Circular Economy