Project budget
  2.8M €
2.4M €

Partners: 14
Countries: 9
32 months


Networking event in Transport and Logistics 4.0 – Smarter, Greener and Safer Maritime Transport

The importance of the blue biotechnology community for economic growth in Montenegro

MedCities was invited to present BLUEfasma



The origin of "fasma", is the verb "φαίνω", pronounced phaínō, (ancient greek) and it means I cause to appear - bring to light / shine - give life. Fasma has also a metaphorically meaning, the sum of identical elements with some differences for accomplishing a common purpose! In physics, optical fasma refers in the analysis of a beam light in its individual colors.

So how does fasma relate to our project? Which meaning do we represent?

We combine identical needs to solve our problems jointly, we generate new methods - give birth to innovative ideas. We analyze our problems to individuals, to solve every sub-problem seperately, just like a light beam is analyzed in individual colors. 

There are so many meanings for fasma and paradoxically, we are talking about all of them!

BLUEfasma is about rethinking circularity. In particular, BLUEfasma aspires to trigger change in the fishing/aquaculture sector of Mediterranean islands and coastal areas by reinforcing the adaptation of Circular Economy (CE) practices. BLUEfasma tackles the challenges of continual depletion of natural resources and the low Mediterranean CE innovation performance in fishing/aquaculture by empowering innovation capacity of SMEs, maritime clusters/networks and Public Authorities to boost blue CE growth. BLUEfasma project was launched in November 2019 and ends in June 2022. 

BLUEfasma tools

Circular Economy Knowledge Base

systematizing best practices, tools, solutions and methods in the sector of fishing / aquaculture 

BLUEfasma e-network

established to facilitate experience exchange and networking among all actors of the fishing / aquaculture sector

MED Circular Economy Data

providing data related to the business readiness & willingness to invest in CE in the Mediterranean area.



BLUEfasma Circularity Self-Assessment Tool

used as a unified Mediterranean measure of the SMEs readiness & willingness to invest in CE; acting as a decision support tool



BLUEfasma Capacity Building Instrument

intergrating financing/mentoring/coaching/opportunities for R&I business investment in fishing/aquaculture



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